Internet Safety at Victoria Junior School

New Technologies have become integral to the lives of children and young people in today's society, both within school and in their lives outside school.

The internet and other digital information technologies are powerful tools, which open up new opportunities for everyone.

These technologies open up opportunities for communication, stimulate discussion, promote creativity and increase awareness of context to promote effective learning.

Children and young people should have an entitlement to

safe internet access at all times.

At Victoria Junior School we take Internet Safety very seriously and aim to provide learning opportunities, directly and indirectly, through computing lessons, assemblies, kidsafe programs, class circle and talk times in order to strengthen the pupil voice to ensure safety at all times.

Below is a video for Key Stage 2 pupils which aims to help strengthen their understanding about the potential dangers and how to stay safe. 


Online Safety Policy and Procedures.   link to policy

This is our current detailed policy and guidance supporting our practice for online safety.

How is internet safety taught at Victoria Junior School? 

The Kids Safe Program – This program specifically addresses the issues of internet safety.  All children in school receive the Kids Safe Program.   A specific unit within the program  addresses these issues.  Further examples are referred back to throughout the program.

Anti-bullying Week and Safer Internet Day – These are celebrated within the school year.  Assemblies will have a particular focus on internet safety during these occasions.

Class Teachers – Teachers will address issues as and when they arrive in the classroom.  Children have daily access to the internet through the one to one use of iPads and so safe use of the internet is relevant every day.  Specific lessons focusing on internet safety will take place during PHSE lessons particularly through Anti-bullying Week and Safer Internet Day.

Visiting Drama Groups – Victoria Junior School takes advantage of visiting drama groups to address the issues of internet safety and ‘cyber bullying’

Mr Cowper (specialist computing teacher) – whilst Mr Cowper does not specifically teach units on internet safety these issues safe searching and reporting get addressed as and when they arise.

Digital Passport – This app is available on all the children’s iPads.  A sequence of games and activities lead children through a range of internet safety scenarios.  Teachers can receive feedback on the children’s answers and any issues can be addressed.  This APP is most relevant to Year 3 as this is the first time they have encountered the activities.  Children can revisit the games/activities in Years 4,5 and 6.

Lead Professional – Mrs Samson (TA) has been appointed as the ‘go to’ adult in school if they feel there is anything they wish to discuss regarding internet safety.  Significant issues will be passed on to the safe guarding lead.