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Islay Place

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Supporting Reading at Home

7 Top Tips / 2 Videos / extra reading recourses

   Sharing a book with children at home should be a wonderful experience for both parent and child. It is a time for talking, reading and laughing together. Reading at home can give children a flying start in life and help them to become lifelong readers.

Our pupils bring books home every day. We encourage parents and pupils to read at home daily, this could be the book that pupils have brought school but there is nothing wrong with parents sharing a book from home or the library.

Reading, being read to, and sharing books in the home helps to build a child’s vocabulary and understanding of the world. Research shows children who start school with good vocabulary and communication skills make friends more easily, have fewer behavioural issues and are more likely to do well academically. A strong, early foundation in language has even been linked to better mental health as children get older.

Reading with your child, or encouraging your child to read independently for just ten minutes each day can make all the difference.  


It’s never too early to start sharing books with children – they might not understand the words, but they will love cuddling up, hearing your voice, and looking at the pictures.

The current opening hours for our library are:

Monday:         9am - 6pm

Tuesday:        9am - 5pm

Wednesday:  9am - 6pm

Thursday:      9am - 5pm

Friday:           9am - 5pm

Saturday:      9am - 2pm

Workington Library

We have a fantastic library in Workington that provides access to lots of children’s books. Children can apply for a free library membership.


How to join and gain full library membership:

  1. Visit your local library with proof of address AND a form of ID - if you study in Cumbria please use your term-time address 
  2. Let a member of staff know you'd like to join the library
  3. The staff member will take your personal details
  4. Once submitted you will be given your membership card - please keep this safe 


Here are some extra reading resource links: