Cell Animations 2012

The children currently in year 6 drew a series of digital pictures to create these incredible cell animations. Listen carefully to the sounds - the children used 'Audacity' to record and mix several over-lapping tracks.

Ho! Ho! Ho! Christmas has come early in Chloe's animation

Georgia gives John Motson a run for his money!

Something fishy's going on in Adele's cartoon...

Bailey has 'added a little bit' to each of his digital pictures to create this movie.

Take cover from Caitlin's explosive video!

Do you like flowers Do you like cartoons Well you'll love Christopher's video...

Another underwater adventure in Erin's clip...

Georgia's created her own sound effects.

Jack's got green fingers!

Kate's gotta dance...

Keep an eye out for Katie's weird fish.

'The Eel & the Fish' by Kieran...

This cartoon is shocking, Livi!

Logan is football crazy! Listen our for his great sountrack.

Better luck next time, Marcus...

Rosie's movie is a real cliffhanger!

'Bee' careful, Rosie!

Awesome animation, Shannon!