Meet the School Council.



The school council is an ideal opportunity for pupils to get more involved in the way the school is run. It helps children and young people have a greater voice and benefits the whole school.

We aim to :

  • Make sure everyone feels safe and happy,
  • Enable everyone to voice their concerns,
  • Suggest improvements,
  • Work with our senior leadership team.

We do this by:

  • Meeting regularly as a council with staff and students,
  • Having a clear agenda,
  • Meeting our deadlines.

We are very proud of our school council at Victoria Junior School.

Meetings and Action:

This term we met with Mrs Robertson, to decide how we can help improve our school. We found out about what the teachers have to do and how we can help our teachers.Each representative has presented our School Improvement Plan to their class and explained how we can help our teachers. The plan is on our classroom walls.

Pupil School Improvement Plan: how we help our teachers.



Y6  Liam Atkinson


Y6 Chair Person

Lily James

Y6 Ruby Fearon




Y6 Liam Smith


Sports Representative

Y5 Akhlak Uddin


Y5 -Kylam Durham

Sports Representative

Sports Representative

 Y5 Alistar Abraham

Y5 -Dion Turner

Loweswater Representative

Sports Representative

Y5 Kenley Curwen

Y5 - Adam Ritchie



Y5 - Kenzie Riley

Ullswater Representative

Y5- Harvey Wilson

Ennerdale Representative

Y4 - Amber March



Y4 - Hayden Turpin



Y3 -Hayton Ward

Buttermere Representative

Y3- Emily Bowman



 Y3 Kai Newton